The Spinning Spinny Thing can be utilised for all kinds of uses, for people who enjoy uses, and also for all kinds of games, for people who enjoy enjoyment. If you are one of those people, choose a use or game from the list below! More are being added literally all the time - the SST elves are not allowed to sleep, and have no trade union.

No dice? Need dice? Have some dice!
Random Number Generator
Need to generate a random number? Then this is the tool for you - the clue's in the name! Get an integer or decimal fraction in the range you specify.
Writing Prompt
For any writing, poetry or artistic project, the Spinny Thing's writing prompt is sure to give you ideas!
Magic Spinner Ball
Just like the 'Magic 8 Ball', but without infringing copyright! Ask the Spinner any 'yes' or 'no' question, and you'll get the guidance you need.
A classic dice game, in which players can play it safe or gamble to increase their score. Can you beat the Spinny Thing?
Are You Psychic?
Think you can predict what the Spinner will do? Prove it! (If you want to out-psychic your friends and family, you can agree on a number of rounds and then take it in turns).
Pairings / Groupings
Enter the names of people in your group and the number of people you want chosen, and pairs/groups will be selected at random. This can be used for Spin The Bottle, for example, if you don't have either a bottle or the coordination to spin one.
Truth or Dare
Challenge your friends to reveal secrets and do stupid things - a classic party game, but with added Spinner madness!