Truth or Dare

A great party game, where groups of people challenge each other to reveal secrets and do stupid things (this sometimes works better when drunk). In the classic version, people take it in turns to give each other specific questions and dares, but even that much predictability is too dull for the Spinny Thing! In our version, the questions and dares are random, so anyone could be asked anything - including the things they wanted to inflict on other people!

Gameplay is simple: decide in what order everyone should take their turns (it might help to sit in a rough circle) and who should go first. On your turn, you'll be asked "Truth or Dare?"...

  • If you choose "Truth", you'll be asked a question. If you answer it to the group's satisfaction, that's the end of your turn and the game moves on to the next person. If you don't, you'll be given a dare (i.e. a forfeit) instead!
  • Or you can choose "Dare", in which case you skip the question and go straight to the forfeit!

If someone is asked the same question twice, or gets a question or forfeit that they can't/won't do (and the rest of the group lets them off!), just reload the page to get another option instead. No other rules; the game just carries on until it stops - usually when everyone's passed out.

First, set up the game! Everyone can take it in turns to suggest questions and forfeits to include. Type them into the boxes below, one per box (as many as you like up to a maximum of 20 of each; maximum 100 characters per box) - and remember there's a chance you might end up being given the questions and forfeits you suggested yourself!

If you want to live dangerously, you can also let the Spinner use its own questions and dares, which will be mixed in with anything you enter! In fact, you can just use the Spinner's own questions/forfeits, if you don't want to enter your own. Bear in mind that there are some adult-only and potentially embarrassing options in there, so only enable them if you're happy to use them! (By the way, we don't think any of them are actually dangerous or illegal - at least not in the UK - but do stuff at your own risk and don't come running to us if you get arrested or chop your arms off, 'k?)

Click "Start the game!" when you're ready to go!

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