This game is played with a single six-sided die - or, in this version, the Spinny Thing pretending to be a six-sided die!

Each round, the player rolls a die repeatedly until either a 1 is rolled (in which case the player scores nothing) or he/she decides to stop and 'bank' the sum of all the rolls made in that round (i.e. add them to his/her total score).

So during your turn, after each roll of the die, you can either hold and add the total of all rolls in that round to your total score, or you can roll again, in the hope of increasing the amount that you will be able to bank - but beware: if you roll a 1, you will score 0 for this round!

After your round ends (i.e. you hold, or you roll a 1), the Spinny Thing will take its turn, and so on. The first player to reach 100 points wins the game!

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