Are You Psychic?

What is the Spinny Thing thinking about? Go on, concentrate... It's wondering if you're telepathic, you say? Correct! Well, that's proof enough for us, but if you want to put yourself to the test, then this is the place for you!

There are five coloured symbols (pictured below). In each round, the Spinner will select one of them at random and ask you to say which you think it will be! There are two ways you could approach this: if you want to see if you are precognitive, you can try to predict what the next symbol will be each time. Alternatively, if your psychic gift involves controlling events, you can try to influence what the Spinner will choose! Or both, you know, whatever.

After each prediction, the correct symbol will appear, and you'll be told your running total and your percentage of correct answers so far. As there are five symbols, you would obviously expect to be right 20% of the time if your results were occurring by random chance, rather than because you actually have supernatural powers.

These are the symbols:

Black Square
Green Circle
Blue Waves
Yellow Star
Red Triangle

There's no limit to the number of rounds, so just carry on until you want to stop. Click 'Begin' when you're ready to start!