Suggest An Activity

If you're stuck for ideas to enter into the Spinner, this page can help! The buttons below will select ten random options for you in the category you choose, so click the button for your desired category and the boxes will be filled with options. Then you can look at them in the boxes below and make changes, if you wish, before clicking "Fire up the Spinner!" to have the Spinny Thing decide your fate! (Bear in mind that every time you click a category button, the boxes will be re-filled randomly and any changes you've made will be lost).

You can choose "Indoor", "Outdoor", "Social", "Creative" or "Internet" activities (should be self-explanatory), "Projects" for longer-term ideas, or "Novel" activities for complete madness!

If you even want the category to be random, click "Random" instead; or if you want to live dangerously, click "Pot luck" and your ten options will be chosen from completely random categories! Finally, if you don't want to look at the options before firing up the Spinner, tick the "Don't review options, just spin!" checkbox.

So if you really want to live on the edge, check the "Don't review" box and click "Pot luck" - the Spinner will decide your fate immediately, entirely at random!

Don't review options, just spin!