The Spinny Thing welcomes you!

Bored? Bewildered? Apathetic? Drunk? Can't decide what to do?
You've come to the right place!

Make a decision and change your life - or play a game, and screw changing your life! With the Spinner, all things are possible. You can get the Spinner to pick an activity for you... and even to suggest the options, if you want it to! You can find inspiration, amusement, games (both solo and for groups), the answers to all of life's questions, and - yes - even a random number generator and some dice. Use the options on the left to begin your journey...

Here's what people may have said about the Spinny Thing:

"I used the Spinny Thing to make a decision once. Now I'm the king of my very own country!"

"Once I'd started subjugating my will to the Spinny Thing, I never looked back! (Unless it told me to.)"

"I asked the SST to make my financial decisions. I lost all my money, became a Buddhist monk, and I've never been happier!"